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Conditions of ApprovalEligibility of a Claim
Dana Bantuan Pembangunan Francais (DBPF) is an incentive to encourage
local entrepreneurs to convert their conventional business to franchise
business. Through this funds, businesses that are successfully registered
with Registrar of Franchise, KPDNKK as franchise business is eligible to
apply for a grant in the form of repayment on the cost to develop a
franchise system with a maximum limit of RM 100,000.00
  • Must apply using BPF3 form
  • DBPF claim should not exceed 2 years from the date of franchise licences
  • The company must participate in franchise development programme
  • The assistance is only for business format franchise
  • The company has appointed at least five (5) Bumiputera franchisees
  • Each company is only eligible to receive assistance for one product only and if the company get another assistance for different product, they should develop it under a different company.


Company Status / The categories of claims
Bumiputera Company
The development of franchise package/ The launch of the franchise
Phase 1 : Screening
RM 60,000
Phase 2 : Concept research
Phase 3 : Research of prototype outlet concept
Phase 4 : Preparation of franchise package
Phase 5 : The launch of the franchise
The creation of franchisees
Maximum = RM 40,000* (Refer notes)
TOTAL RM 100,000


  1. For the category of the creation of franchisees, each franchisor who are applying for DBPF they should appoint at least 5 Bumiputera franchisees.
  2. Franchisor must appoint more than 5 Bumiputeras franchisees to claiming the remaining 40% of the total which is RM 10,000 for each one of Bumiputera franchisees who are appointed subject to the requirement.

Without Consulting

No Matter The Maximum Qualifications (RM)
1 Interior Design Fees (Prototype Outlet) 5,000
2 Legal Fees (Disclosure Document & Franchise Agreements) 5,000
3 Workforce 15,000
TOTAL 25,000