• To provide financial assistance to pre-franchisor and master franchisee to expand business in Malaysia
  • Open to registered companies and cooperative in Malaysia
  • A Sdn. Bhd. company
  • For application from cooperative body, it has to establish a Sdn. Bhd. and, for the Master Franchisee Scheme, franchise right has to be obtained from the franchisor
  • Profitable business and positive shareholders’ fund reported in latest audited financial report
  • Minimum 51% Bumiputera equity
  • At least one (1) outlet in operation
  • Operational for more than one (1) year
  • The business must be Syariah compliant

Financing Mode

  • Islamic Financing (Tawarruq Concept)

Financing Amount

  • RM50,000 to RM2 Million
  • Subject to a gearing ratio of not more than four (4) times

Profit Rate

  • 6.00% per annum (without property collateral)
  • 5.00% per annum (with property collateral)

Financing Tenure

  • Up to ten (10) years

All Financing schemes above are subject to the following conditions below:-
• Processing Fee – 0.5% of approved limit
• Legal Fee and Stamp duty – 3.0% of approved limit (Subject to variation and amendment)
• Training Fee: RM300
• Wakalah Fee: RM50
• Takaful Protection – (General and credit)