• A Sdn Bhd Company registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).
  • Has legal right to grant the license and registered with MyIPO or any relevant authorities.
  • Minimum (2) years in operations with 2 years audited account.
  • Malaysian-controlled or Malaysian-owned business.
  • Customer must have good credit record and subject to Pernas’ credit criteria.
  • At least 1 shareholder engage actively in the business.
  • The proponent must be aged between 21-60 years old and hold directorship in the Company
  • The business operation must be Shariah compliance.
  • Companies holding master franchise rights of foreign franchises who has yet to comply with the Registrar of Franchise (if applicable).
  • The Company must register positive shareholders’ fund in its latest audited accounts.
  • Must have a defined concept and package.
  • The Company, proponent, directors and guarantors should have no adverse finding in the insolvency searches or other credit report.

Amount of financing is subject to 4 times gearing.

Term financing Project Up to 80%
Working capital 100% (Up to 6 months working capital)
Revolving financing – Cash Line 100% (Up to 6 months working capital)
Term financing Project 4 times gearing (Up to RM5,000,000.00 only
Working capital Up to RM500,000
Cash Line
  • Minimum: RM20,000
  • Maximum: RM500,000

Total exposure of not more than RM5 million to each customer, but subject to the Single Customer Credit Limit (SCCL) Guideline.

Term financing Project Up to 10 years
Working capital Up to 1 year
Cash Line
  • Minimum: 1 year (12 months)
  • Maximum: Up to 5 years (60 months)