MEZANINE SCHEMEThis scheme caters for companies with proven business model has
growth potential to support their business expansion purposes
More Info
  • High growth trend and potential
  • Minimum audited Profit After Tax (PAT) for the last two (2) years + current year PAT forecast of minimum RM1 Million
  • Minimum shareholders’ funds of RM2 Million
Mode of InvestmentSize of InvestmentTenure of Investment
Subscription of Ordinary Shares and/or Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares (RCPS)Maximum of RM10 million for combination of Ordinary Shares and RCPS;Maximum of RM5 million for RCPS onlyMaximum of 5 years
Ordinary Shares : Maximum of 30% equity interest in target Company
CRCPS : Fixed dividend rate of 6% – 8% per annum (subject to maximum gearing ratio of 2 times)
  • Processing fees: 1% – 1.5%
  • Financial due diligence fees: RM30,000 – RM100, 000 (estimated)
  • Documentation and legal due diligence fees: RM25, 000 – RM50,000 (estimated)