FranchisorConsultation Selection and AppointmentConsultation Fee
Program Pemantapan Francaisor Bumiputera is designed to help
franchisor/master franchisees enhance their business operating system
through professional consultation and advice. Coordinated by Pernas,
this programme includes assessing your current system and documentation.
Upon evaluation, suitable upgrades for better business standards will be
  • Open to all Bumiputera franchisors/master franchisees registered with the Registrar of Franchise (ROF);
  • Franchisors/Master of franchisees must have participated in Rating Program organized by Pernas in the current year;
  • Full commitment by franchisor/master franchisee is required throughout the consulting period by the appointed consultant.
  • Franchisors/Master franchisees are allowed to select their preferred consultant firm or from the list of panel consultants registered under Pernas;
  • The selection of consultant is subject to approval by Pernas;
  • The selected consultant must have experience in conducting research and consulting work related to business development such as products; management, marketing, operations, branding, etc;
  • The selected consultant must possess good performance track record in handling consulting programmes with companies, projects, government agencies and/or private sector
  • Maximum consulting service fee is RM 50, 000;
  • Pernas will finance up to 90% of the consulting service fee. The balance 10% must be borne by the franchisor/master franchisee